We Make Custom Biker Patches, Club Patches,
Company Logos, Personal Embroidery Patches & More

Avonpatches.com is based in the picturesque Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire, England UK

​We specialise in custom one-off or more personalised embroidered sew-on patches.

​Ranging from Horse Racing Patches, Club Patches, Bike Run Patches, Bike Club Patches, Event Patches, Military Flash, Our own Poppy Remembrance Patches, and Many More.

​We are always on hand to help, so feel free to get in touch. 

Copyright & Trademark Disclaimer: Any design given for reproduction, the Customer guarantees that they have the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights (copyrights), as well as any right of image or privacy concerning legal persons who might exist to have the design recreated by Avon Patches. The Customer absolves  Avon Patches from any responsibility for claims by third parties arising from the illegitimate or criminal use of images subject to Intellectual or Industrial Property rights or rights of image or privacy of legal persons on personalized products. The costs of any breach of copyright, and any costs incurred by Avon Patches in defending itself, will be borne solely by the Customer. If we have doubts about whether the Customer may have the right to reproduce a logo, then we have the right to reject the work we are being commissioned to produce. Unless specifically requested otherwise, Avon Patches can display texts, images, graphic designs, or brands owned by third parties for purposes solely to use as examples of work undertaken. Avon Patches will not pass on, remake or sell for its own purpose without the express permission of the owner.